Notpla Packaging FAQ

What's the minimum order quantity/volume?

Can I order samples before placing an order?

How are the sachets delivered? What is the cost of delivery? Where can Notpla deliver?

What are the returns policy? I'm concerned about a product I received, what can I do?

Can I become a distributor?

What are your products made from? Are they vegan? Are they food-safe? Are they edible?

Where do you source your seaweed?

How do you open Notpla sachets?

How should I store Notpla sachet ? What is its shelf-life?

Is Notpla sachet oven safe? Can I microwave or freeze it?

How to dispose of Notpla products?

Are Notpla products made in the UK?

Can you make sachets of a different size? Can you make sachets with my own sauce?

Is it possible to brand Notpla products?

The product I want is out of stock. How to be notified when it gets back on stock?