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Notpla Compostable Burger Box

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A first of its kind to be officially recognised as plastic-free by an EU government under the Single Use Plastic Directive, ensuring peace of mind and future-proofing you from any changes in legislation.

Using only natural materials, this revolutionary takeaway packaging has been created by UK-based company, Notpla and can be composted at home in just 6 weeks, contributing to healthy soil, not pollution.

The sturdy, stylish box is perfect for hot, cold or oily food and ideally suited to burgers, keeping them fresh, hot and looking their best.

Offering a 64% Co2e reduction compared to bioplastic alternatives, this is a trusted, award-winning replacement that answers the calls from customers for planet-friendly, sustainable solutions.



- Size (L x W x H): 97.5 x 97.5 x 76mm 

- Case Size: 200

- Sturdy, tear-resistant 285 g/m² unbleached kraft board construction