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NOTPLA Compostable takeaway box Kraft No.1 (200 units)

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Case of 200 printed boxes (Notpla logo + "Made to biodegrade" messaging)

Finally, a truly viable alternative to traditional plastic... and to bioplastic-lined... and to PFAs-containing takeaway boxes. Our seaweed-lined boxes mean your customers can feel good about their meal, and--as they're water- and grease-resistant, microwaveable, stackable and as easy to use as standard kraft boxes--you too can feel good as well. Suitable for hot, cold, wet and dry foods, they are also incredibly versatile. Welcome to our mission of making packaging disappear!

Home compostable. 

26 oz No.1

  • Dimensions: Base/Top (mm)
  • Length 112/135
  • Width 90/113
  • Height 65