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NOTPLA Compostable takeaway burger box (250 units)

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Case of 250 printed burger boxes 


It’s a little-known fact that to protect takeaway boxes from the oil and water in your food, most are lined with a plastic coating or packed with nasty chemicals known as PFAs, even in some that claim to be ‘sustainable’.

That small, invisible layer and those chemicals will be around for a long time after your food is gone. This burger box is different.

The coating here is made from Notpla, a revolutionary material made from seaweed that will biodegrade naturally, just like a piece of fruit.

When you’ve finished, recycle or throw in your home compost!

Our seaweed-lined burger boxes mean your customers can feel good about their meal, and--as they're water- and grease-resistant, microwaveable, stackable and as easy to use as standard burger boxes--you too can feel good as well.

Suitable for hot, cold, wet and dry foods, they are also incredibly versatile. Welcome to our mission of making packaging disappear!

Dimensions: Base/Top (mm): 

  • Length  105/120 
  • Width  105/120
  • Height 75

Key characteristics: 

  • No plastic
  • No PFAs
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • 100% home compostable