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Notpla XS Tray

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An extra small tray perfect for sampling or as a condiment pot for sauces to accompany a meal.

A first of its kind to be officially recognised as plastic-free by an EU government under the Single Use Plastic Directive, ensuring peace of mind and future-proofing you from any changes in legislation.

Using only natural materials, this revolutionary takeaway packaging has been created by UK-based company, Notpla and can be composted at home in just 6 weeks, contributing to healthy soil, not pollution. Offering a 64% Co2e reduction compared to bioplastic alternatives, this is a trusted, award-winning replacement that answers the calls from customers for planet-friendly, sustainable solutions.


- Size: 71.5 x 50 x 29 mm

- Case Size: 1400  

- Case Weight: 7.9kg